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    Network Map Duplicate Displays Problem


      First time posting on these forums. Have been doing some searches and haven't been able to come up with anything that is related to the issue that I am having. I am able to create a few simple maps using the Network Atlas and have begun deploying them on my various pages in Orion so I have been able to pretty simply make it that far.

      The map that displays on the Home page works perfectly fine, it isn't until I attempt to apply different maps to multiple groups that I start to get my issue. If I drill down into a specific group and add the "Map" resource into one of the columns then select the specific map image that I have created through the "edit" button on this resource everything works fine. I run into my problem when I attempt to repeat this process on the page of another group. After adding the map resource again to this second group I apply a different unique map that pertains specifically to this second group. If I then go back to the first map referenced on the first group, the second map is on that group instead overriding my first choice. This happens with all additional groups. Whatever image I pick to serve as one groups image it applies itself to every group that has the map resource on its page.

      As I mentioned earlier above, through all of this the home page stays static and correct so I am not exactly sure what the issue is. I am sure that is probably a very simple fix but figured that would be a perfect place to ask this questions since my search has gotten me no solid solution. Thanks for any feedback.