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    doesn't support juniper (junos) switches nor routers!


      UDT is not a multivendor product. I am very surprised. We have over 100 juniper swithes because JUNOS is so cool! So are you ever going to support Juniper or other vendors such as alcatel, brocade? If so when ???

      Note: Current version only supports HP and Cisco :(. Am I right?

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          UDT is vendor agnostic. We use standard MIB tables to collect the connection information we need. That being said, some vendors implement (or don't implement) these MIBs differently. When we run into issues with specific devices and vendors, we are interested in fixing those issues. For the v1 launch, we focused on HP and Cisco, but we certainly tested and support other vendors. If you are willing to work with us, I would really like to collect information from your devices so we can fully support them too.

          Thanks for your comments!

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              I'd like to know if there are any limitations to using UDT with Juniper switches ? Since this product has been

              available for a while, I'm sure you have experience integrating UDT with Juniper switches. Is there documentation

              for this? Also what's the limitation of the UDT trial version.

              Thank you

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                  There are some issues with Juniper switches (mainly around VLANs and Layer 3). Many of these issues are fixed in the upcoming service release, but there are still some issues we are investigating. As we have users request Juniper support, we are more than happy to work with y'all to find issues and fix them.

                  If you are an existing customer and experience issues, please open a support case. If you are a new customer, please work with your Sales Engineer.

                  There are no limitations to the UDT evaluation version.