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    "VM memory swap" alert active on low memory usage guest


      I have one VM that has been flagged for the "VM memory swap" alert since installing Hyper9. Yet the guest has more memory than it has every needed, such that it is also flagged for the "VM memory rightsize" because it is only using ~3% average mem. vSphere Client corroborates the low mem usage, so I'm puzzled why Hyper9 is seeing ~26% mem swap.

      I'm trying to check via esxtop in the vSphere PowerCLI (it's on an ESXi 4.1 host), but the syntax is stumping me, so I'm coming here. If I get an extra data there, I'll append it.

      Any help would be appreciated so I can clear that alert (or figure out what's up with the VM). The VM is a Linux-based PGP server with the latest VMware Tools installed.