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    NPM upgrade to 64bit support?



      Having recently become a solarwinds customer after 7 years of watching the product expand and grow I have noticed that there are certain key parts that seem to have remained the same.

      One of the main areas which is a sad point fo me is the poller has remained a 32bit application.

      I have noticed that when you have start to do some proper work with an unlimited poller, circa 11K elements at a 9 minute polling interval the web reporting platform starts to struggle.

      Having spoken with Solarwinds support the general concencus is that 10K at 9 minutes is the maximum recommended.

      However does any one else seem to have the same problem?

      For such a superb product it's sad to see something so fundamental lagging behind on the development path.

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          Actually we are making progress in this direction, unfortunantly it is not a switch you just turn on.  If you have been using the product for this long you are aware of the standard poller.  We are in the process of introducing the next-gen architecture of this poller which in the long run will give us many advantages, mainly being able to be multi-threaded.  We introduced phase I which handles status and volume polling in 10.1 and are working on phase II for the next version.  So we are moving in this direction behind the scenes.

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              Hi Bshopp,

              Really good thing to hear, with CPU frequency going down as they are multiplying up the number of CPU's.

              The company I work for is very much for the whole green datacentre thing and usually slower clock speeds mean not getting the full potential from single threaded / 32bit apps.

              It's great to hear the development team are adopting the new technologies.

              I can honestly say I don't envy the task of moving an entire app over to 64bit / multi threading if only it were as easy as flicking the switch....

              I have to admit that it will be very interesting to see how the Solarwinds team move forward over the next 12 - 18 months or so with so many acquisitions / development of all these new applications.

              There are alot of new technologys coming through that no company has provided a monitoring platform for that I know of.  I can see that Soalrwinds seem to be moving in thet general direction.