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    Problem with device tracker search


      Hi All,

      Everytime I lookk an IP up via device tracker search I recieve 'No results found'. If I add the IP to the watch list it shows the port and switch information.. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong..

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          By default, when you search, we return results for items that are directly connected. We had some issues determining the proper connection type. These issues have been fixed in the Pre-Release2 build which should be available shortly. 

          To validate, simply change your connection type from Direct to All. You should see several instances in the search results, this is all of the switches where this MAC address shows up.

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              I have over 150 switches, with many VLANs. Switches are Brocade/Foundry. When I search for myself, I find every uplink on every switch accross my infrastructure. If I filter to Direct Connections only, I have no results. When I add myself to the watch list, an alert shows up, and gives me the correct data.

              Because of multiple vlans, do I need to have something like APR Inspection, or DHCP Snooping enabled in order for this program to give me the information when I search for it?

              NPM 10.1.2, NCM 6.1, APM 4.0.1, NTA 3.7, UDT 1.0.0


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                Was this issue ever sorted? We've just installed the latest release as a trial and can only see search results when changing from "Connected" to "All" as mentioned above.

                As giving our helpdesk guys the ability to track down which switch port a given user is connected to easily is one of the main reasons we're trialing this product I would be interested to find out if there's a workaround.



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                    I have UDT 1.0.1 installed, and here is what I have found so far.

                    When I search for my computer, I find myself with accurate results, and it doesn't show every switch like it did before. The only time it shows all switches, is if I select "Indirect Connections" or "All Connection Types". So setting the filter as "Direct Connections" produces the desired result, showing exactly where this machine is on my network.

                    If I add my computer to the "Watch List", I will eventually see problems with alerting. Some alerts would fire off, and would show my IP address as the downed node, when the alert is looking for a specific computer name, not my computer (Somehow it is ignoring the alert filtering). I have submitted a ticket for a bug fix for this already.

                    When I have my computer in the "Watch List", I can look at any switch on my network, and it will show up in the summary of each switch under "Active Alerts on This Node".

                    Hope this helps
                    Ed Czajka

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                        It is very odd that when I search for my PC (via Static IP), I get some very odd results.  (NPM 10.1.3, UDT 1.0.1 - licensed)

                        All Connection Types - shows switches/devices I know my computer is NOT connected to (like buildings on the other side of town)

                        Direct Connections - No results (expected - all our PC's are behind Cisco IP phones)

                        Indirect Connections - Same as All connection types, but fewer devices listed.

                        Unknown Connections - same as All Connection Types.

                        NONE show the correct swtich I connect to the network on. 

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                            Don, in that scenario, UDT should be reporting that your computer is directly connected to the switchport that you phone is connected to. Obviously this is still not 100% accurate, but it would be much better than what you are experiencing today. As I understood it, all of the issues with computers plugged in to IP phones were fixed. Will you please open a support case so we can knock this out for you?