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    Policy violation -> show up on map status


      it would be really awesome to be able to have policy violations show up on a map status for a given node.  Also would be cool to be able to show them on the node details page.

      We are working towards making our Orion maps "live" documentation for our environment and this would be a really nice feature.

        • Re: Policy violation -> show up on map status

          Hi Larry,

          Recording your request to show policy violations on Map (64074).

          As far as policy violation on the node detail page, this is something you should be able to customize. Navigate to your Node Detail page, Customize Page, add a resource (green "+" sign), select NCM Common - Resources that applies.. / Policy Violation.

          This adds a Policy Violation resource for this node on your Node detail page.

          Looking at it, though, it seems a bit problematic, will investigate and see whether there is a problem to fix here (64088)

          Hope this helps