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    Node groups - account limitation issue


      The node group idea is great and helps with me having to deal with account limitation by the current options.  I can just add/remove items from 1 group and use that group as a limitation.  Unfortunately it is not working like it should...I opened a case for it.  I create a node group for our voice team that need acess to a subset of all or nodes.  I added this node group the that group's account limitation section.  However, when they view the web page they still see all nodes, not the nodes they shoudl only see.  Per support :

      Just an update from the developer team how the group limitations works.

      in current release group limitations works just on groups. I mean group limitation has no affect on other objects than groups. For example you will still see all nodes, include nodes which are not in group you set for limitation.

      For Example,

      You have groups A and B, nodes C and D. Group A includes node C and group B includes node D. In current release, when you have limitation to see just group A, you will never see group B, BUT will see both nodes C and D. So limitation of groups has no effect on elements inside groups.

      I responded to support with :

      Ok…but this really doesn’t make sense on why you have groups then. Why would you develop this in that manner? When you create a group and use it as a limitation then that person or user group should only see the nodes defined…not everything else. I had to go back and use or methods like vendor, device name, etc. to accomplish this. Please add this as a request…it would make group limitation so much easier if it work this way.

      Am I doing something wrong here?