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    Monitoring the monitor


      I know I have posted on this before but I have not seen any chatter about it becoming a feature so here I go again.

      If you use SolarWinds like my company does for monitoring our almost 2000 nodes , when you find yourself without it for one reason or another you realize quickly how blind you are and how quick things go back to "the old days" where you depend on someone to call you to inform you of issues.

      That being said we often times find ourselves in this situation it's just that we don't know it.  It takes for someone to say out loud "hey hasn't it been awhile since we got an alert????"

      We all know there are several situations that occur where pollers will stop or processes will run but not function.  

      I think the product checking its own health and alerting on issues is imperative its a HUGE hole in visibility and an embarrassing one when you have explain to your bosses and their bosses that yes, your awesome monitoring system is oblivious to its own status.