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    Advanced Alert - Simple pop up window


      Hi y'all,


      I have been tasked with using Orion to monitor our Fire Station UPSs for a standard we are trying to meet. Part of the requirement is that we have some type of audible and visual alert notifying us that there is a problem. We( -_- ) have decided that what we want is a pop up window when an alert is triggered.


      Here's what I have so far.

      I have my UPSs set up in Orion as nodes. I have configured different types of UnDPs for my UPSs that are showing correctly. I have advanced alerts set up to notify us via email when there is a problem with our UnDPs. I've also already set up the Web Console to play a noise when we get an alert. All that works fine.


      I'm looking for how to create a trigger action that will create a pop up (seems like a simple Windows error message popup would be the simplest) when a UnDP is triggered. The message can be generic with static text ("UPS has lost power.") because after the pop up we will be checking Solarwinds to find out exactly what is happening. This all has to happen in the Web Console on another computer. Or at least not on the SW server.


      I don't know if a vb script is what I want, or an executable program. Kind of lost as far as creating a pop up.


      Thanks for the help.