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    Active Alerts


      Are active alerts only available when you decide to place a device on the watch list? 

      I also am wondering if the full release will be able to alert when a device is plugged into our network, either for the first time or if its just been moved.  One of my main hopes for this product is to know when a device has been moved without our consent, or plugged into our network without our knowledge.  This would put UDT over the top as far as usefulness. 

      On further thought it wouldn't even have to be an alert, just a historical graph of activity would do without having to place everything on the watch list.

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          Alerts shown in active alerts are alerts that have been triggered. As far as the alerting regarding UDT, Currently we are only able to alert based off of an active watchlist... so when a particular MAC/IP becomes active on a device/port the watchlist becomes "active"... however the alert only tells you that a particular watchlist has became active and currently not able to give any statistics as far as device/port it was previously on.. Unsure if it will change on initial release of the product.

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              David's comments are correct.

              From a feature perspective, what you see now if what will be in the 1.0 release. We have a long list of great enhancments that we are looking forward to working on once we get the first version out of the door. Look for an updated "What we are working on" for UDT after release. We have heard a lot of similair feedback to yours regarding wanting to alert / track unauthorized / rogue workstations.