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    Problems activating/registering ipMonitor 10


      I did not do the initial install and configuration of ipMonitor 10 and it looks like it was never activated.  We have a license, but our maintenance has since expired.  I have no idea if just the evaluation version was installed or not.  When I look at the about, I see that we only have 25 monitors available and the activation code is a bunch of zeros.  I had a license code, just the code, but nothing else, and when I tried to use it as an activation code, it was unsuccessful.  So, I contacted customer service.  They reset the license and provided a link to download a zip file that had a setup.exe in it.  When I launched the setup.exe I had two options, remove the installation or repair it.  I did not want to remove it because I did not want to lose any type of configurations that were set up.  So, I chose to repair it.  When it got to the software activation section, after I entered the new activation code from customer support, I got a message saying that my license was unable to be activated and to contact customer support.  Customer support is now saying that they are unable to help me activate this and they can't send me over to technical support since our maintenance has expired.  This is very frustrating because we paid for the license and support should be able to help get it activated.  I am not asking for tech support on bugs.  I completely understand tech support not providing support on application bugs to a customer who is expired on maintenance, but there should definitely be tech support available for license activation issues.  Customer support directed me to this forum which I thought I would try before escalating this as a complaint to Solarwinds.  Can someone help?  Is it because I have an evaluation version of the software?  If so, how do I confirm that it is an evaluation version?  If I choose to remove the software using that link that customer support provided, will I lose all of the configuration that was done?  Where is that stored?

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          Someone will be engaging you and help you with this soon. If you solve this offline, would you please circle back and post your solution here? I am sure others are quite interested in knowing about preservation of configuration, among other answers to your questions.



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            Hello there, I'll be seeking to assist with getting your license activated.

            Don't be concerned about uninstalling ipMonitor - your important data files are left behind such that if you install into the same folder, your configuration remains intact.

            Is it because I have an evaluation version of the software?

            It's possible that the download you're trying to use is outside your maintenance window, and that might be the culprit. We'll find out.

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              I learned a few things, doing an uninstall does not remove the configuration, reports, etc.  The resolution that finally worked, was after I had escalated this issue to the right person, technical support at SolarWinds contacted me.  They provided me with a License cleanup exe.  I ran that, and then after my license was reset with a new activation key, I was able to activate my license.  Thank you to all who helped me with this issue.

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                Mr Foley got to the finish line before I could. Sneaky guy. Thanks Chris!

                After talking with plankton, here's the steps that fixed this case up:


                If your ipMonitor v10 license is governed to 25 licenses, you want to apply an unlimited commercial license, and cannot:

                1) Backup your ipmonitor folder (just in case, take note of the install folder)

                2) Download the commercial version of ipmonitor from your support portal

                3) Uninstall ipmonitor, and reinstall into the same folder

                4) Install the newly downloaded version of ipmonitor

                5) Get customer service (or support) assistance with clearing out licenses on the computer (should result in a log file for developers to read through)... and their reapplication of your activation keys.