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    Add map to a existing view

      Hi there,

      This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong place.
      I also did a search but couldnt find anything similar, so if the question has been asked previously dont hesitate to point me in that direction!

      We have recently upgraded to NPM 10.1.2 SP1

      Since upgrading (or at least thats all i can associate it with) i dont seem to be able to add a specific map to a view. I have not had an issue with previous views, but when i now go to add a specific map to a view it only lists: All maps, Cutom list.., List of object..., & Map.

      Previously im sure it listed our custom maps also????

      Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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          What you'll want to do is add the Map resource, then go back to your view.  Click the Edit button on the resource and you'll be able to select which of your custom maps you want to display.

          Hope that helps.




          P.S.  Congrats on your first post to thwack.

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              Hi Casey,

              Thanks for the quick reply.

              If by 'add map resources' you mean have the map created and available then this is done. It appears in the list of custom maps if i add 'Custom list of all maps' to the view.


              What i cant get is any of the custom maps to appear. When i edit an existing view and go to add a resource to it, heres the list of resources that appear

               I have another older view which has a map listed, i just cant seem to add it to a new view.
              Am i just goiung about it all wrong?

              Thank in advance

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                  It seems you are selecting the "Custom list of all maps" resource... verses using the "Map" Resource... Select "Map" as your resource than select edit on the sample map and select the map you created in network atlas.


                  Hope this helps :)

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                      Hi David,

                      That it!

                      Thanks for that. Exactly what i had missed. I had selected map previously but hadnt gone into edit it once viewed to select the specific map i was after.

                      Have to say its not the most intuitive way, but gives the results i guess.
                      Thanks again


                      EDIT: Looking back i now understand where Casey was pointing me - also correct, sorry Casey