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    Account Limitation based on custom properties


      Is there a way to give a group of users the same account limitation without having to update each account individually? I am thinking of creating a SupportGroup custom property. Then when I create a new account I would want to assign a limitation based on the the SupportGroup.

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          Chrystal Taylor

          yes.  When you go to Manage Accounts in the web interface, check whichever accounts you need to change.  Then click edit, and add your account view limitation.  Submit, and all the accounts are changed.

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            In theory, you can hook up to a Windows/AD, define your groups in AD then apply the limitations to the group.

            I say in theory because in my cursory attempt to do this I did not have success so (at least for the time being) I had to go back in and put in individual user accounts.

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                If you have both the AD user accounts and the AD group the users belong into within Orion, the individual rights will trump the group rights.  In order for that to work, you'd have to only allow them into the website using the group.


                In terms of editing a group of inidiviual uses with the same limitation en masse, you can select all accounts, then click edit.  In the account menu, add a check to hte Account limitations, then click the add limitation button.  The limitation you define, once you submit, will effect all the users you edited. 



                Matthew Harvey

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