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    NPM configuration failing at SQL login




      I am attempting to configure the Orion NPM, but running into trouble.  In running the configuration manager, when I selected my database the configuration wizard claimed that my database needed to be in either mixed mode or in SQL authentication mode.  We only use Windows Authentication, but just for kicks I allowed SQL authentication as well (mixed).  That got me along further.  When I select windows authentication, however, and the appropriate user from a drop down list (it's talking to the SQL server) along with entering my password, the system comes back with an invalid password error. 

      When I look at the SQL logs it shows that Orion NPM is attempting to log in to SQL using an NT Account name with SQL Server authentication.  Even though I'm choosing Windows authentication, NPM is still sending the information to SQL as if I'm wanting SQL authentication.  We don't use SQL authentication for security reasons, so that's really not an option.

      I should point out that we run several SQL Enterprise servers as well as a lot of Oracle, have DBAs who are very good at what they do, and have not had any significant problem with any of the other hundreds of databases and products we use against these database servers.  It looks to me and my DBAs like a bug in the NPM configuration manager, but we thought we'd check here before raising a ruckus with SolarWinds directly.

      Thanks in advance!