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    How do I find disk space free/used (GB) on a specific VM?


      I noticed today that one of my VMs has triggered the "VM disk near full" alert, so I added it to the list and then drilled into it. The only disk space metric, though, that I can find is the static percentage bar in the top left (showing "80%"). While the server details show how many disks and their capacities, I'm not seeing actual GB usage per disk.

      On the left pane above "Active Alerts", Hyper9 shows overall Capacity, Provisioned, Not Shared, and Used. However, most of our servers (including this one) have several disks (OS, databases, logs), so that "Used" figure isn't helpful in determining where we're "near full".

      If I'm totally missing it, my apologies. Glad for any pointers. Thanks.