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    Netflow Sources


      Any particular reason why under netflow sources the device that I'm trying to monitor is showing up in italics.  There's another device that I am monitoring and it's showing up in regular font and I can see the last data received with the accurate time.  The device in italics is showing up with last data received never even though i can see the traffic in and traffic out.  any advice would be appreciated

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          The traffic in/out comes from SNMP and not Netflow data. It looks like we aren't receiving the netflow traffic.

          Do you see any messages in the event log about receiving traffic from an unmanaged interface? Make sure the IP address that the netflow data is coming from is the same address that you are managing in NPM. Also, make sure you are managing the interfaces that you are looking for netflow traffic from. 

          What type of device is it?