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    Searching/Reporting on VLANS


      Just installed the Beta/RC last night. So far, this is an AWSOME tool - just hope the pricing does not put it out of reach for us.

      I would like to suggest/ask about a feature on searching -

      Can we search/sort/filter based on VLAN ID?  I have not found a way to do this yet, but it seems it should be  easy to add.

      Tell the Dev's they did a good job so far with this tool.

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          I'm glad you like the work the team has done so far! This is something we are definitely looking into. It won't be available as part of the version that is formally released, but is something we are looking at. For example, all of the advanced filter criteria from the port selection could be available on the search results.


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              Thats cool - I just need to dust off my SQL Query knowledge and see if I can create a customized report.



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                One other thing on Vlans - When looking at the UDT_VLAN table, none of the names of the vlans are present - and we have gone to great lenths to identify vlans on our gear - How/Where is that pulled?

                For example, for about 75% of your vlans, the gateway interface for that nework is housed on a Cisco 6513 MLS. with the exception of maybe 12 switches in our 200+ network, access layer switches are in Transparent mode.