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    Scheduled archive task error


      Hello- The following error is logged when trying to manually run an archive task:


      "Task engine aborted with error: Object variable or With block variable not set [Syslogd_TaskEngine.exe 2.5.153] (91) Kiwi Syslog Server - Scheduled Archive Task Report - Daily schedule Main() [Line:60]"


      When I try to manually run, I get the above error in a pop-up, then when I close it I get another pop-up which states "The scheduled task is being executed. A dialog will notify you when the scheduled task has completed...."


      I have tried restarting the Syslogd service; restarting the server; stopping service, manually moving SyslogCatchAll.txt, then restarting service


      Kiwi Syslog version 9.2.1 running on XP SP3


      Any ideas?