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    Virtualization Manager (Hyper9) history (change/event log)


      Does Hyper9 keep a history of alerts or configuration changes on VMs and hosts? Here are some scenarios for which I would love to have a historical record attached to the VM/host in question:

      • Present and past alerts on a given host/VM
      • Current resources, OS, etc on a VM (or host) and any past changes/configs (i.e. if RAM changed from 3GB to 4GB)
      • Last check time/date on each host/VM

      It'd be great to have an VM- and host-focused event log (or an overall event log which is just filtered when looking specifically at a VM or host. Thanks.

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          Yes - Hyper9 does does keep a history of present and past alerts on objects like VMs, hosts, datastores etc...

          You can also look at configuration changes to VMs and hosts over time using our "DNA" feature - I compare the config now to a previous time we collected data on it for example.

          You would like to see events for every config change to a VM/host or only "critical"changes?





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              Hey Jon,

              So Hyper9 keeps a history, but is it exposed to the end user in an event log format (like Orion NPM)? I'd love to be able to click an "Events" tab at the top and see all events, changes, and alerts across the infrastructure (again, very much like Orion NPM). That way I can browse back to a specific time and see everything that happened in my environment. It would also be a nice resource to have on the dashboard in a "Last XX events" box/view.

              As for the "DNA" feature, is that reached by clicking "Compare" when looking at a VM/etc? If so, mine doesn't seem to work. I clicked "Compare" about 15 minutes ago, and it is still spinning a circle and saying "Currently scanning all known identity markers." That might be useful if I know with what time/date I want to compare, but a comprehensive event log would still be good/necessary (IMO).

              I do like where you guys are going with the product moving forward (by the way, is there going to be a way to abbreviate the name? i.e. OVM, Orion Virtualization Manager). And the time travel feature looks nice. We have that ability in our SQL monitoring tool (Idera SQLdm) and have benefited from it in the past.

              Just to make sure I answered your question clearly, I would like to see all events, not just critical ones. Thanks!

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              You may also be interested in reading about the "Time Travel" feature that we are working on, that exploits the rich historical data we have in Hyper9.

              Virtualization Manager–What We’re Working On