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    Monitoring of Sql Server & oracle database through APM

    Nitin Saini

      We are going to install Orion APM 4.0 in our environment. Before this, we need to clarify below points about database (Sql server and Oracle) monitoring capability of APM.
      Please provide me details about Oracle & Sql Server monintoring through APM 4.0:-
      1. Sql/Oracle Database Index monitoring through APM.
      2. Sql / Oracle Tablespace monintoring through APM.
      3. DB_MAX_file monitoring
      4. Number of cursors monitoring.
      5. Block Sessions monintoring
      6. Monitoring of Processes inside database
      7. pmon, smon and listener's monitoring of database
      8. I need help to elaborate the "6 canned templates for Sql server 2005-2008" and "Oracle database template".


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