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    weird charts OR how to read the charts/graphs?


      I'm pretty confused about how to read these charts. I learned how to read charts in gradeschool, but i'm sorry, these charts just don't make any sense to me. Why is it showing a node (green line on the graph) using the least amount of bandwidth, but underneath the tables it shows it using the most? This is a constant problem we've noticed because the charts are ambiguous. I've been told by a solarwinds tech support guy on the phone the data in the table below the graph indicate the amount of bandwidth being used by that node at that particular moment in time when it was being polled, but it still doesn't make any sense.


      Another thing we've noticed is sometimes the charts indicate sometimes it'll show our 3mb bonded T1's bursting up to 8mb, which isn't possible. We thought at first it could be also be adding the internal traffic in there with it, but we're on a gigabit switch so if that were true it should be much higher.


      are these charts inaccurate or are just difficult to read?