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    RADIUS account not working for backups in PIX/ASA



      We are using RADIUS for user authentication for all of our network devices comprising mainly of Cisco routers/switches and PIX/ASA firewalls. We have set up an account specially for KiwiCatTools in RADIUS to take backups of the device configs.

      The account works well for routers/switches but for PIX/ASA it gives an error log while logging in, "Enable mode failed"

      I logged into the firewalls using the Kiwi account and it logs in but it doesn't go into enable mode automatically. It just logs-in in the user mode ('>' prompt)

      My own personal account in RADIUS, logs me in directly into the enable mode in the devices.

      On the switches, the same account goes into enable mode ('#' prompt) thereby successfully taking backups of switch/router configs. Is there a specific setting which needs to be enabled for PIX/ASA?