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    FoE on addtional polling engine

      Completed an install of FoE on  a second polling engine.  When I set the secondary server to become active everything went as planned except the polling engine thought it's IP address was that of the SW Channel NIC.  Ended up going into Advanced Setting-Adapters and Bindings in Network Connections and moving the "Public NIC" to the top of list and this resolved the issue after switching to active/passive again.  Re-read the install guide and didn't see any reference to this, unless I over looked it which is possible!
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          I've noticed that all of the FoE manuals are pretty poor (lots of important stuff missing, in wrong order, etc).

          May I ask how you're 'managing' (patching, avg) your secondary servers? All of our servers are blades within enclosures and because of the nature of FOE (secondary server being a clone of the primary) our automated services cannot work - patching/avg would have to be promoted manually. Is this how you're having to service them?