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    Monitoring Dell / HP server hard disk failures?

    Andrew Story

      Hello Guys,

      Is it possible to monitor and alert for Dell and HP server hard disk failures through IPMonitor?


      TIA, Andy

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          In order to Monitor the state of the RAID Controller Card, the state of a disk in an array or the global status of the array environment, simply use the following steps:

          1. Click the "Devices" tab.
          2. Select the Dell Device you wish to monitor.
          3. Click "Add -> Add New Monitor".
          4. On the left-hand side, click "SNMP".
          5. On the right-hand side, click "Custom SNMP (Wizard)".
          6. Ensure that the Address and SNMP Community are correct and replace the OID with one of the following:

          Disk State:
            Expected value: Online(3)

            Expected Value: Online(3)

          Controller State:
            Expected value: Ready(1)

          Array Manager Global Status: 
            Expected value: Normal(3)

          7. Click the "Select" button next to the resource you wish to Monitor.
          8. Set the criteria accordingly.  See "Expected value" above.
          9. Click "Create"

          Note: To monitor RAID on a DELL system, the following requirements must be met:

          - Ensure that Dell OpenManage is installed on the target server(s) with the storage management component installed.
          - SNMP Agent must be restarted (if recently installed)

          For Compaq/HP Servers use one of the following OIDs:

 - system status
 - raid status
 - RAID accelerator status
 - drive condition

          Hope this helps.


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