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    Custom Object Resource - Tabular Universal Device Poller bug



      • Home/Summary dashboard
      • Custom Object Resource
      • Object: F5 LTM 1500 node
      • Object Resource: Tabular Universal Device Poller
      • Tabular Universal Device Poller for display: ltmPoolMbrStatusDetailReason
      • (in Orion UnDP) MIB Name: F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB:ltmPoolMbrStatusDetailReason
      • (in Orion UnDP) OID:

      With that resource/configuration, I can only display the statuses of my pool members if I check "All" under "Select rows to display". If I uncheck "All" and try to individually check certain rows (as I would like), the GUI checks and then unchecks them--I can't get them to stay checked. As soon as I uncheck "All" or any one of the rows, most of the other rows uncheck but certain ones stay checked.

      I have tested this in IE9 and FF4 with the same behavior. Any ideas for fixing this would be great. Thanks!