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    alliedware plus login error


      I've installed cattools today.

      Backing up the cisco devices is a breeze.
      Backing up the alliedware plus devices in not.

      We have a lot of at-9000-SP switches, all with alliedware plus.
      the cattools gives an error incorrect password

      I've tried filling other fields with the correct login and password, but i can't get it to work.

      SSH is working fine from the same server that is running cattools

      the debug shows:

      <NEWSESSION CatTools 3.6.0 5/3/2011 11:57:46 AM>
      <DEVICE TYPE=AlliedTelesis.AlliedWare.Plus>
      <ACTIVITY TYPE=Device.Backup.Running Config>
      <ACTIVITY SCRIPT=C:\Program Files\CatTools3\Scripts\Client.Device.Backup.Running Config.txt>
      <USERS NAME FOR DEVICE=hm4-ms02>
      <C OK 11:57:48 AM><R-11:57:50 AM>[13][13][10][13][13][10][13][10][13][13][13][10]Password: <W-11:57:50 AM>[13]<R-11:57:50 AM>[13][13][10]Invalid Login/Password![13][10][13][13][13][10][13][10][13][13][13][10]Password: