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    Atlas Feature Requests


      I love maps, my boss loves map, his boss loves map.  I also love lamp, but we really like maps.

      It would do immense care to my sanity if in Atlas I select and object and then use the arrow keys to move it in any direction by one pixel.  The pure joy that would arise from such a feature is huge.

      In lieu of that a feaure often found in visio, hold shift as I move an object moving it in a perfectly straight line would bring much joy joy to my life.  Actually there are many little visio type... lets call it "object maniplualation" items that would be very helpful in Atlas.  Most of my maps are images made in visio then ported into Atlas as a background because I don't have precision control of object placement and I am a little anal retentive so I go bonkers when things don't line up straight.  It makes me want to punch babies.