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    ipMonitor 10, View Report, Previous/Next broken


      When viewing a report, for a 1 hour time period, I used to be able to hit the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the top of the report to go to the previous and next hours of the same report. Now, when I hit the "previous" button, not only does it decrement to the previous HOUR it also decrements to the previous DAY too.

      So, for example, if I'm viewing 2011, May 2nd at 4:00pm and I hit the "Previous" button, it shows me May 1st at 3:00pm.  This is wrong, it should still be displaying May 2nd.  I'm sure this used to work?

      On a related issue,

      I just tested viewing a report for a 1 day period of time, and it has a different, but still incorrect behaviour. So, for example, I view 2011, May 2nd, and hit "Previous". I get May 1st. So far, so good. Then I hit "Previous" again. I get April 23rd. This is wrong. It should be at April 30th.  I think it skipped a whole week. That's not good.