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    Deleting, Removed host interfaces


      Our current platform is: SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.0, APM 4.0.2, NPM 10.1.2,

      We have removed some NIC cards for some servers and now can not remove these phantoms from NPM.

      The Web interface only displays installed interfaces, not older or removed interfaces.
      The Console no longer has an option to delete an interface.
      The NPM documentation does not address this.

      The only documentation statement I see is:

      " If you have a list of node results, click + to expand the parent node of the object you want to delete.

      c. Check the object to delete, and then click Delete on the toolbar."  This only seems to be active interfaces.  No those removed from a monitored device.


      What is the phantom solution?

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          Conversation with support

          At this time the only way to remove a removed object from a device is:

          From the WEB Console

          - Settings
          - Manage Nodes [Node & Group Management] Section
          - From the Node Management page search for or select the node.
          - Use + to open and display all components assigned to the device.


          No more console editing (?) interfaces.