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    Question About Deleting Poller Assignments


      We have a good number of universal device pollers (hundreds and possibly a couple thousand) that have been assigned incorrectly.  Removing them through the GUI is going to take a considerable amount of time. 

      In the database is a table called ‘CustomPollers’ which will have a ‘UniqueName’ column which will match your UnDP’s name.  If you note the ‘CustomPollerID’ of interest and use that to query against the ‘CustomPollerAssigment’ table, you can filter against the ‘CustomPollerID’ you noted and see each of the assignments of the poller to the node.

      Two questions:

        1. Are there any gotchas if we delete the assignment straight from the 'CustomPollerAssignment' table?   ~and~
        2. Will the nightly maintenance clean up orphaned data for the deleted assignments in the historical custom poller statistic tables?

      Thank you,
      Jason Henson
      Loop1 Systems