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    Feature Requst for Device Groups


      I would like to request a feature regarding automatic creation of device groups.  What I would like to see is if can develop the dynamic queries in a template, then have Orion create the groups using a specific field (like building) with the queries performed for that location.  We have 150 sites to deal with, most of which we are creating multiple groups for, which is quite a bit of work for our NOC to develop. 

      So, for example, I want to create groups with important devices (router, core switch, phone system) for every site, which is tracked by the 'Building' property in each node.  So, the dynamic queries would be the same for each site, but I want a group for each site created (ex. Elementary School A Core Devices), with the 'Building' property being the one used to seed the automatic creation of the groups. 

      Is this something others might like to see/something SW would consider adding in functionality to the groups feature?