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    Periodic Email Update of Nodes Down


      Is it possible to design an email alert that will send an alert every 3 or 6 hours with just a list of the nodes that are currently down.

      If we have a power outage or something similar, a lot of devices will go down. Sometimes many of them will go up and down killing your inbox with alerts that they are Down then Reset, etc...

      I'd like to create an email alert every X hours that will list all the nodes currently down.

      Is that possible?

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          You can create a report as one option.  Are you using 10.1 or above and the new dependencies feature there?  If no, this is exactly the type of use case this feature was built for.  A site goes down or a site router does down, don't alert me all of the device behind it are also down, just mark them as unreachable in Orion.

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              We are currently using 9.x, but are planning to upgrade to 10.x in the next 3-6 months.

              We could have devices down anywhere in the network, not necessarily all in one site where dependencies would cover them all.

              But even if we have an entire site down... i might have the entire site come back up, but a device here or there might not come back up... 

              I might be on the road, coordinating the response over the phone. The purpose of the email is to tell me periodically what might still be down. A heavy day of putting out fires would help me get a periodic run down of the items still down. Also, we have supervisors and managers that would get the email with the current run down, showing what has been resolved and what is still down.

              For example...  manager wakes up in the morning, sees 342 emails with alerts showing up and alerts showing down. But an email that comes in towards the end of this 342 email flood, shows that only 3 items are still down...  so, nothing to panic over. or alternatively, the email shows that 16 devices including 4 servers are still down...  allowing the manager to wake up 6 other techs across the planet.