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    Need help for Printer report management


      Hello All,

       This is my 1st post so please excuse any mistake explaining my doubt. We have IpMonitor 8.1 in our network. Now we have set up a monitor for printer which gives alert every time there is a status update. Now every friday from 7pm that printer is shut down till monday 9am. It keeps sending alert for printer services down which is legitimate as we have administratively shut it down so we do not want those updates for the weekend time. So guys can u help me set the alert in such a way that i can ignore weekend time and just get report till friday 7pm?? 

       I browsed through the ipMonitor and all reporting as well as the monitor properties for the printer but could not find how to select 5 days a week alert generation. All i found was i can set alert on hours, day,7days basis or more but not like out of week i can only select weekedays and not weekend.

      Any help will be highly appreciated. As u all must be knowing how annoying it is to get alert every 5 mins or whatever time is set on ur cell phone when u know that device is forcefully down and the alerts are useless...

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          Hi Dyhanesh - there are detailed instructions on how to set up alerting time periods in the admin guide on page 179. The Admin guide is here - http://www.solarwinds.com/support/ipmonitor/ipMonDoc.aspx


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              Hi Christineb

               Thanks for ur help. I am going to go throught the admin guide and that particular page you mentioned and will try to see how i can set the alerts just for weekedays. I will let you know if i get stuck somewhere and need help again.

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                  I am narrating the steps what i have done so far to create a new agent.

                  Identification: Test

                  Add Action: Simple email

                  Action Name: Test

                  Now i get availability range which is Mon-Sun by default selected. Now i want to deselect Sat & Sun which i can not do.When i click on any particular day suppose Sat it gives me option to overwrite the configuration of a particular day. But i dont want to keep Sat & Sun in the availability so i stop getting alerts on those days.

                  Alert Range is irrelevant i suppose as it only states how many attempts it should wait before sending an alert but i dont want alert on weekends but weekdays so putting 0 there wont help as it will stop alerts on all days i suppose.

                  Then down there there are 3 types of Notification Messages-Failure, Recovery & Information. Each have a token list in which %weekday% can be selected but by default %weekday% = Sunday=0 so may be Sunday can be skipped but i want Saturday skipped too. Then how to modify the %weekday% token to accomodate Saturday=0?

                  My doubt is will selecting token for weekday in Notification message type will server my purpose?

                  If not then am i going in the right direction by modifying alert to not get alerts on weekends or i m being mistaken and it can be set somewhere else.. Please can anybody help me with what exactly steps to do and how?

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                      Here you go - this is easy!


                      1.      From the Alert Action, click “Sat”

                      2.      Click “Morning”

                      3.      Click “Afternoon”


                      At this point, entire day should be gray.


                      4.      Click Save.

                      5.      Repeat steps 1-4 for Sunday.

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                          Hey Christianb,

                          Thanks a lot for the reply.sorry by the time u sent me i had left for the weekend and came today and saw it and tested it.. It defitantely helped for creating a new agent. Now i am testing it for the agent thats already been created to see how can i change the settings to which you mentioned to set to not give me alerts during weekend. Hoping to resolve it with your help but if i run into any problem again Will surely let you know for help..

                          Thanks a lot again