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    Cannot monitor CPU, RAM, packetloss of Fortigate


      Dear All,

      May i know that Solarwinds can monitor CPU, RAM of Fortigate ?

      As i saw on NPM, it display the Packetloss, Interface Utilization but it alway in 0%.


      Thanks and best regards,

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          Out of the box NPM does not monitor CPU and Memory utilization for a Fortigate.  However, you can collect this data using UnDP's (Universal Device Pollers).  You will need to use a Transform to divide Mem Usage by Mem Capacity to get Mem Percent Used.

          I believe the OID's you would need are as follows...

          Fortinet CPU Usage:

          Fortinet Mem Usage:

          Fortinet Mem Capacity:

          Hope this helps!

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            Thanks to this post. I also get in this trouble and find out the solution by here.

            First I know how to use UnDP

            Second I know how to search a specific MIB in the huge list of MIBs which Solarwind support.

            My fortigate is 110C, and OS is ver5.0. I know that is only support Fortinet core MIB and fortigate MIB then I must use ( for current memory utilize and for current cpu utilize) instead of 2 OID above

            I have two things want to ask forum:

                 - The CPU and Memory percentage are show up but in 2 separate radial gauges. My fist question is how to merge the two clock in one windows?

                 - I also want to show the firmware version of Fortiget then I use UnDP OID But I dont know where to put the result in (chart, gauge,...)? I already tried somewhere but it did not work. I really want to add the firmware info in the Node detail-Summary bar

            Thanks any replies.


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