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    Solarwinds MIB



      I asked Solarwinds to compile the Solarwinds MIB with the Oracle Weblogic MIB. I was able to download the file and now I am about to replace the MIB that I am currently using. I did a search in the Solarwinds server that we are using (a Server 2003) and I found 3 instances of the file name MIBs.cfg. One is under Program Files>Solarwinds>Common and another is under the Program Files>Solarwinds>Configuration Management and the last one is what I downloaded. It says replace the "existing" MIBs.cfg file. I would like to know which one am I supposed to replace. Also I downloaded the file and the existing MIBs.cfg files are 537KB but the "new" MIbs.cfg file is 439 KB. I was thinking it would be bigger since they added some more stuff into it. Thanks.  

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          The MIB file you downloaded should contain a ReadMe file that tells you exactly where to copy the unzipped file to. I believe you will find that the two locations you mentioned belong to the NPM and NCM applications respectively. Both apps are updated when you copy the one MIB file to the directed locations.