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    Solarwinds MIB



      I asked Solarwinds to compile the Solarwinds MIB with the Oracle Weblogic MIB. I was able to download the file and now I am about to replace the MIB that I am currently using. I did a search in the Solarwinds server that we are using (a Server 2003) and I found 3 instances of the file name MIBs.cfg. One is under Program Files>Solarwinds>Common and another is under the Program Files>Solarwinds>Configuration Management and the last one is what I downloaded. It says replace the "existing" MIBs.cfg file. I would like to know which one am I supposed to replace. Also I downloaded the file and the existing MIBs.cfg files are 537KB but the "new" MIbs.cfg file is 439 KB. I was thinking it would be bigger since they added some more stuff into it. Thanks.