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    Grouping by List of Specific IP Addr ?



      NPM 10.1.2.

      1-) How to create a Group based on a list of specific IP Addresses ?

      Manage Groups >> Add Manual/SQL Query >> offers Node IP Addr while I am looking for Interface IP Addr 

      2-) How to instruct NPM to ping a list of IPs that is stored ina flat fiile (1 IP per line), then Display Green/Red botton for Up/Down Status.

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          #2 you can copy/paste into Network Solar -> Bulk Upload option and have them be ICMP only nodes so you get up/down status

          #1 another option is to use custom properties as a grouping element.  Is there something unique or in common on these IP's?  Meaning customerA, customerB etc.

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              Thank  Brandon for your reply. Sorry for the delay

              In fact the interfaces I am trying to group are simply a sort of workaround to monitor BGP IPs (without using UnDP OID).

              For that I created a new set of Devices (ICPM poll only) named Node-x-BGP and kept them in a group. So whenever a BGP peer Interface stops responding, I can see this in the Group color alerts. It's Ok for me with this solution without SNMP/OID polling.

              Thanks again.