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    Integrating Demo IPAM into production NPM



      We are running a demo version of IPAM 2.0 on a spare server. It's using its own SQL Express db instance. We're purchasing a licensed copy and would like to put it on our production Orion NPM server. That server is running 64-bit SQL Server 2008.

      Can I backup the test data (I've gone to the trouble of importing my various spreadsheets and dbs into the test copy and customizing the layout a bit) and then install licensed copy of IPAM on the NPM server and restore? Or will that overwrite the NPM data? The published docs were not clear on this cross-product integration.

      I looked at http://www.solarwinds.com/support/Orion/docs/MovingYourOrionNPMDatabase.pdf and http://www.solarwinds.com/support/IPAM/docs/OrionIPAMAdministratorGuide.pdf . The latter doc mentions that:

      If you are modifying your Orion IPAM implementation to use a different database 

      server, you can migrate data from one Orion database to another. Both the 

      database from which you export data and the database into which you want to 

      import data must be from the same version of Orion


      But was silent on the NPM-IPAM db co-existence.  By default (and as we've installed them) both use the db named SolarWindsOrion. Should I use a different db for IPAM when I install it?

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          We do not have an officially tested and supported method. However, you should be able to accomplish this using the following steps. Remember, always backup your database before making changes of this nature.


          1. Backup your existing NPM Database
          2. Install IPAM 2.0 on the NPM server.
          3. Copy the file "…\SolarWinds\Orion\Information Service\2.0\Schemas\IPAM.Attributes.xml" from the evaluation IPAM server to the NPM server. 
          4. Copy and modified or created report files from …\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports\ directory from the evaluation IPAM server to the NPM server.
          5. Transfer content of all tables starts with “dbo.IPAM_” prefix
          6. If you have DHCP servers, you will need to create credentials on destination machine manually (by IPAMSettings website) and assign them to DHCP servers. 


          After this all IPAM data including custom fields, IPAM settings will have been migrated.


          NOTE: There is no simple way to transfer credentials as rows in database, because credentials are partly encrypted.