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    SMS Alerting


      Hi guys,

      I've looked about on the forums and found a few posts relating to SMS Alerting.

      I've had a look at PageGate and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway but their instructions are confusing and don't seem to work (at least not for me but I could be configuring it incorrectly).

      Who currently uses SMS Alerting? What Software do you use? Was it hard to configure? Any guides available on how to configure?



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          Here is another new one out there that might be worth looking at, see here

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            Hi Andy,

            We've used NotePager Pro (http://www.notepage.net/notepagerpro.htm) installed on our Orion box along with a Huawei USB 3G Modem attached (currently E270) for a number of years. Never experienced any major problems in configuring it for use with Orion as it just appears as an alert option.



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              We have a much lower tech solution that works well for us. We send a short text only email to the SMS address of our cell phone provider. IE <phone#>@txt.att.net. We also use myairmail.com for a couple devices.

              That may not be robust enough for what you are doing though. 

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                we use a dedicated SMS server - MultiTech iSMS - and use a VBScript to send text messages to it.




                'Send SMS messages to an SMS server - sms
                'run with CLI options for Address Book entry and message
                'alternatively run with no options or from Windows for input boxes

                Option Explicit

                Dim objSvrHTTP
                Dim strURL
                Dim strUser,strMessage, strLoginUser, strPassword

                'If you don't get arguments from the command line, request them via popup box
                'Wscript.Echo Wscript.Arguments.Count
                If (Wscript.Arguments.Count <> 2) Then
                    strUser = InputBox("Enter Recipient name: ", "SMS Recipient")
                    If struser = "" Then
                    End If
                    strMessage = Inputbox("Enter message - 140 character max: ", "SMS Message")
                    If strMessage = "" Then
                    End If
                    strUser = WScript.Arguments(0)
                    strMessage = WScript.Arguments(1)
                End If

                strLoginUser = "IT"
                strPassword = "ITsms"

                strURL = "http://sms:8080/sendmsg?user=" & strLoginUser & "&passwd=" & strPassword & "&cat=1&modem=1&ton=" & strUser & "&text=" & strMessage

                Set objSvrHTTP = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
                objSvrHTTP.open "GET", strURL, false


                'A proper response should just be a message ID
                'Wscript.Echo objSvrHTTP.responseText

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                  Hey all,


                  I realize this is an old post, but we're investigating using one of the MultiTech iSMS devices for alerting (specifically the MultiModem SF100-G).  I'm curious what service providers and monthly costs you guys have seen with it?  I'd think we'd just need the most basic of cellular plans.  We're a business customer of Verizon, which I don't believe we could use since they're not GSM, am I correct in that?