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    Create Report for UnDP?



      We have a UnDP that is pulling serial numbers off our 3Com switching gear, including SFPs modules inserted into the hardware.  I have found the historical UnDP reports, but that just seems to return general data regarding the UnDP (OID, name, etc) and not the actual data that is being retrieved from the UnDP.  In essence, I'm trying to create an inventory-type report.  I haven't quite seen a standard report that may present that data, so I'm figuring an Advanced SQL query may be needed.

      I don't have much SQL experience, but wanted to see if anyone may have a recommendation on how to retrieve that data.  If I'm missing something obvious I apologize.  Any help on this is apprecaited.


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          You could do with an advanced SQL report but I think you should be able to do this with a standard report.

          To do this with a standard report try the following...

          1. Create a new report and choose "Current Status of Nodes, Interfaces, Etc" as the report type
          2. Select the following fields under te Select Fields tab...
            1. Network Nodes --> Node Details --> NodeID
            2. Network Nodes --> Node Details --> Node Name
            3. Custom Pollers (Current Status) --> Custom Node Pollers --> Status
          3. Set the following under the Filter Results tab...
            1. Records where Poller Name is equal to <enter your poller name here>

          Let me know if this works.

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              Thanks for the help in pointing it out. I had not used the "Current Status of Nodes, Interfaces, Etc" report category before, so I didn't realize the UnDP custom pollers were in there.  That worked perfectly. 

              Sean, thanks for the help as well, I just gave Byron's solution a try first and it worked for me. 

              Thanks again to the both of you.

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              I created a Report for the Current UnDPs and the values being returned.

              NPM Node UnDPs and the Nodes Assigned