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    How to associate many IPs with a location and ping all of them along with log of start/stop


      Respected Sir,

      We have a remote location say X. It has say 'n' number of connectivites to the central HUB. Each connectivity has unique IP assigned to it. Now i want to ping each and everyone of these IPs associated with a location. These IPs of any location are not associated with any interfaces in the router. What i want is shown below:

      Location NameMPLS IPRouter IPRadio IPPAMA IP


      I think it can be achieved through a report. But that also asks to select interfaces or ip address of a node. But as i said before only one IP is associated with a node i.e "router IP". Then how can i asscoiate other IPs with the concerned location and ping each of them and give result as Green(ping ok)/Red(Request timed out). Also i want to have a log of when it started pinging and when it stopped, most important.