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    Problems resolving IP/hostnames in UDT


      Hi there,
      I'm currently running the Beta7 right now and so like most of what I see - however I've run into a few issues -

      I did a discovery on one of my offices and everything went fine - added all my 6509 without too much of an issue - however when I then went and added some switches in a new office (again 6509 running IOS) I've found that while it can find the MAC addresses - it seems to not resolve to IP/Hostnames - I just get MAC addresses.  Now I suspect thats because the discovery is not seeing the routing table - but the switch it's monitoring is our core switches which are also running routing in that office.  
      I notice when I look up the UDT polling status it doesn't show Layer3 anywhere for these switches in the new office - while it does in the office where the ip/hostname is working.
      When I do a port discovery and ensure router discovery is turned on it seems to find the router interfaces fine (they're vlan based).
      Any idea how I can fix this?

      Also - when I click on a port and bring up the Device Tracker Port Details - theres no hostname anymore - just shows IP and MAC - can we get the hostname on here?  Also - since we're showing other useful things like VLAN - can we show the vlans on the Trunk ports (it just shows trunk when you look at the details) and also the port speed? (since you're already showing duplex).
      Also on the port details - theres no link or field that tells you the switch/device once you go into port details - can we get that also?

      Last thing - since all my switches have trunks/vlans - the switch views are VERY long since they're show all the macs on all the interfaces including those - is there a way to "hide" those from the view aside from not importing them?

      Looking forward to the final version - if this works out I'll finally be able to dump another (expensive!) tool we've been using forever that does this type of thing for us



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          Hi Sean--

          Thx for the feedback. I've marked for PM to review.


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            Thanks for your comments.

            Definitely if the layer 3 jobs are not been created, then you won see any L3 information. We are currently working on a similar issue so I will  keep you posted for the next build.

            For the missing hostname in the Port Detail page, this is a known issue and will be fixed.

            For Trunk ports, you should be able to click on the word "Trunk" and it will expand with all the VLAN associated with it.

            I am not sure about your last comment, which page are you referring to? In the port detail, if you have a long list of MAC's, you should be able to expand/collapse. Let me know if this helps.

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                Hi there,
                - On the layer3 stuff - thanks - when do you expect this new build will be out?  I see the current Beta I have will expire in less than 2 weeks so I'm hoping its soon :)
                - Thanks for the trunk port info - hadn't noticed it was clickable :)
                - For the last note - sorry maybe I wasn't clear - when you look at a Node and use the Port Details resource it will list Vlans/Trunks and ALL the Macs listed on those ports - which for a switch like a 6509 can be huge...  It should be collapsible there too (and collapse by default for more than say 3-4 Macs - would be good if this was user definable too)
                Otherwise when I look at one of my bigger switches the page scrolls forever...  When I integrate this into my normal NPM setup I would suspect the resulting Node Details page will be very very long...


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                  I posted an item with the same issues, but I didnot get any reply.  As far as I am concerned, without the IP and hostname information the product is not very useful.  I am surprised this is a Beta-7 release and it it lacking the basics.  Also, is there a User/Admin Guide for reference for UDT?

                  I really like the 'Percent Ports Used' page and the 'Watch List'.


                  Fred Dziuk

                  UT Health Science Center - San Antonio