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    Announcing General Availability of SolarWinds EOC 1.3


      We are proud to announce the General Availability of SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console or EOC 1.3.  Below you will find a list of the features and fixes with this new release.  You can download the new release from your customer portal.

      You can find the full release notes here

      This version of Orion Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) provides the following improvements:

      • Faster page loads and less bandwidth use.
      • Orion EOC users can be added by Active Directory group.
      • Orion servers can now be polled using Active Directory credentials that have passwords.
      • Orion EOC users can each have a customized home view. (192511)
      • Global Search resource lets you find nodes more quickly.
      • SolarWinds Orion APM v4.0 added as a supported server type.

      This release of Orion EOC includes several fixes:

      • Fixed an issue preventing Orion EOC from monitoring Orion NPM 10.1.
      • Fixed an issue preventing Orion EOC from displaying maps if Orion NPM 10.1 was installed on the same server as Orion EOC.
      • It is now possible to change the subtitle of the Global Application Status resource. (157062)
      • The EOC Global Active Alerts page now correctly shows wireless AP alerts. (136538)
      • Custom property data type mismatches are now handled and reported correctly. (144498,147372)
      • Adding a resource to a view no longer requires a reset of all resource settings. (157066)
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent Orion EOC from seeing IPSLA data. (144436)
      • Account manager page can now be sorted by Role. (143382)
      • Fixed an issue that would cause the JobEngine.sdf file to grow in size and kill the JobEngine and JobScheduler. (99285)
      • The Orion EOC users list no longer displays Active Directory users who cannot be added as Orion EOC users. (138732)
      • Orion EOC can now determine between Orion servers with invalid credentials and those with out-of-sync system clocks. (192020)
      • The Copy View command now works for views that contain an asterisk or a slash in the name.
      • Orion Network Atlas now supports Active Directory accounts.
      • There is now a specific error message if the remote server time is out of sync with the Orion EOC Server.
      • Orion APM unmanaged status no longer appears as down status.
      • Nested maps no longer generate out of memory errors due to permission errors. (225176)
      • Changes made to a resource on a copy of a view no longer also changes the original. (191492, 191076)
      • Users not assigned to the administrator role can now correctly see nested maps. (224502)
      • Deleting users accounts from the Manage User page no longer deletes non-selected accounts. (195414)
      • The configuration wizard no longer sets the Recovery Model to simple if you set it to full. (208448)
      • Orion servers no longer send Orion EOC far more data than is necessary. (200133)
      • Fixed a bug that sometimes would prevent maps being displayed in Orion EOC. (188620)
      • Applications in an unmanaged state are now displayed correctly. (201762)
      • Global Status of Nodes by Site and Global Active Alerts resources no longer time out.