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    Latency vs. Response Time


      I am hoping you guys can help me out.

      As I understand things, a Response Time graph will show how fast a device responds to a ping, and Latency would be how long a device takes to process a message/instruction/etc. When I am looking at response time graphs in Orion, these are just how long it took for the device to respond back to orion1 via a ping, right?  Latency would be more of how long it took to process an SNMP query, or similar?

      so, how would we measure true Latency on a router or switch interface?  I dont see anything about latency in any of the canned charts for an interface, so if i am either confused about the definition, or just missed the option, please let me know.

      If anyone knows of a custom poller/chart/graph that will measure latency, please point me in the right direction.