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    Getting External Process to work with plink.exe


      I have been successful in configuring ipMonitor to use psexec.exe on Windows servers to start a remote program and get the result back to ipMonitor.

      In the manual I read the same should be possible on Linux servers using the plink.exe utility. I installed plink on the ipMonitor server and from the commandline on the server it is working fine like this:

      plink.exe USER@SERVER -pw PASS -ssh ./test.sh

      But when I configure ipMonitor like this:

      Monitor Name: External Linux Process
      Executable Name: plink.exe
      Directory: C:\Windows\System32
      Command Line Parameters: USER@SERVER -pw PASS -ssh ./test.sh
      Startup Directory: C:\
      Credential for Monitoring: Administrator Credential

      This does not work, the error is: Last Result:Access rights are insufficient

      Any advice, would be welcome,