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    Easy feature request about custom field


      I can not hide custom property by subnet/supernet/group. There are some custom fields that I do not want to see on other groups/subnet/supernets etc. Therefore custom property field is pretty useless since it show extra/unnecessary information for the subnet/supernet/group.

      I should create a custom property field then I want to choose that custom property to show on specific subnets/supernets/groups etc. I think it is very easy to do(fix) it! Please include this request for your next release.


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          I've noted this as a feature request per the other thread you posted this in. We can look at this as part of our user delegation work. Does anyone else have this requirement? This is the first time I've heard this request.

          You can hide the columns in the subnet management page (this applies to all subnets). To hide or show columns, simply mouse over any column, a down arrow should appear, left click on this and go over the Columns field, un-check any column you don't want to show up and check any column you want to be displayed.