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    Backup and Restore of NPM w/ IPSLA,NTA and EOC installed as well


      When I built the VM (ESX) for my Solarwinds NPM server I had I used an Enterprise license key and now have this installed on Win2008 R2 Enterprise edition. I now need to get this running in it's current state on a Standard version of Windows 2008 R2. This is a fairly new install and is very clean. I am using an external DB server but local IIS services. I have installed NPM, NTA, IPSLA and the EOC all on this server. The new VM I will build will be identical outside of being Standard, not Ent.

      Could someone please tell me what this process entails? Do I need to get new keys from SW for each product or can I re-use the keys I used in the original installation. This is all production software, no trial installation.

      I am good with the server peice, just need to know what to backup, what to re-install and how to get it back to where I was. This is also including a couple maps I created in Network Atlas, which I think I just need to copy those files from somewhere.

      How hard is it down the road to move my IIS sites for NPM and EOC off to an enterprise web farm? Is that just re-running the configuration utility? Thanks !