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    Resources for Log Forwarder (on 2008R2)


      Hi All,

      I have not been able to find any documentation on solarwinds log forwarder that comes bundled with cattools, does anyone know of any? We are trying to migrate from Snare to LogForwarder, for the benefit of forwarding to multiple syslog servers and having a hard time getting it configured to output similar from Snare. The main reason is in Snare you just check a few boxes and it automatically figures out which logs and what IDs to poll. In pre-Vista OS thats fairly easy to do in Log Forwarder, but the new windows style log is so full of 'stuff' that its hard to sort through AND they changed all the EventIDs to a new series, and Im having trouble finding a good list of event IDs by type.

      Any sort of help with this would be great, we would really like to try and use Log Forwarder!

      also, 'task category' (audit failure, classic, SQM, etc.) are those Log Forwarder keywords or windows event log keywords?