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    Report Writer - no volume percent available?


      I think I may be going crazy but I can't seem to find "volume percent available" in the report writer.

      I am writing a report to be very similar to the "inventory - all disk volumes" report however with some specific filter results from some custom properties in our enviroment.

      I have my new report and the all disk volumes report side by side and the last three fields are "Volume Percent Available", "Volume Space Used" and "Volume Space Available"

      I can add space used and space available, they however dont say volume like they do on the all disk report(which is odd) but the volume percent available isnt even an option in any of the menus...

      Volumes > Volume Details = Node ID, Volume ID, Full Name, Volume Caption, Volume Description, Volume Type, Volume Index, Volume Type Icon, Volume Size.

      Volumes > Current Volumes Status = Percent Used, Space Used, Space Available, Status, Status Icon, Volume Responding, Volume allocation failures(hour and day)

      Volumes > Polling Details = Poll Interval, Statistics Collection, Rediscovery Interval, Next Poll, Next Rediscovery, Last Database Sync

      and our custom properties.


      No volume percent available.   Is this normal?

      If it is normal is it possible somehow to copy the canned "all disk volume" report so I can manipulate the filter results?