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    Account limitation feature request


      I would like to request a feature/idea for future Orion release.  I would like a way to create an account limitation to select items, or groups of items that an account doesn't have access to.   An example would be, I have a long list of dynamic service groups.  I want to have some users to see every group but a select few.   Now I could go through and check every item that they can access, but I think it might be easier if I could just select the one or two items (or even just the root group) that a user can not access.

      Also, are there any plans to add functionality to be able to select Groups as a custom property in the Account Limitation Builder?


      Bryan Roeben


      NPM 10.1.2, APM 4.0.1, IPSLA 3.5.1 NTA 3.7