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    CatTools 3.6 Nortel 450 TFTP Backup



      I'm trying to use the Device.Backup.TFTP activity to back up a config from a Nortel 450 series switch. After setting the necessary configuration options and running the task, it fails with a TFTP error.

      I'm running the config on a server with two interfaces. I set the TFTP server to bind to the IP address I want and restarted the CatTools services. however, when I look at the debug-level events in the Info Log, it appears that CatTools tells the switch to connect to the IP address of the other interface, which isn't accessible from the switch itself. The process then fails.

      Where can I specify the IP that the script pulls from, if it doesn't use the TFTP server bind IP?

      I've also tried the old style Send Commands script, which does get me a 12kb file of some sort, but it doesn't appear to be in plain text as everything shows up as gibberish in Notepad++.